Happy Dussehra Poem 2021

If you are also searching for some Best Happy Dussehra Poem 2021 In English & Hindi language then you are at right place as we have a huge collection of Dussehra Poem which you can send to anyone and use on social media.

On the day of Dussehra we send Happy Dussehra Wishes 2021 to our all friends and family and celebrate this festival together but if you are in school then teacher asks us to sing some Happy Dussehra Poem in English or any regional language.

That is why we have gathered some nicely written Dussehra Poem of 2021 which will help you achieve good respect in school.

“””Today is the day when we set fire to all of our sins and vow to start all over again
Flames appear and extinguish all darkness; light beams and finds its own path;
We are on our way to a bright future because this is the festival where truth triumphs.
And, with our heads held high and chins up, Make a promise to do everything together,
As we burn the ravana that has been hidden within us like a fake heather!
Dusherra, dusherra, dusherra, dusherra”””

Happy Dussehra Poem 2021

Dussehra or Vijayadashami is a festival of Shakti worship, the date of weapon worship, that is commemorated as either Rama’s victory or Durga Puja.

It is a feast of pleasure, merriment, and triumph. It can be found in many forms throughout the country. It is also celebrated with equal zeal and merriment in other places where Indians live in exile.

With these Happy Dussehra Poem 2021 you wishes your school mates even if you have a holiday.

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A victory of hope over despair,
A victory of creation over destruction,
A victory of light over darkness,
A victory of knowledge over ignorance.
A victory of justice over injustice,
Victory of dignity over oppression,
Alas! This victory will remain incomplete,
Till all the Kabeels, Sabeels and Afzals are hanged.

Happy Dussehra Poem In English

This year it is falling on 15th October. I hope it will be celebrated with great joy this year also-happy Dussehra to all of you. You also Send these Happy Dussehra Poem In English to all of your friends, family, or loved ones…

List Of Happy Dussehra Poem 2021 In English

“””Dussehra, the triumph of Truth, is implied.
Love comes from the truth, despite the fact that defenses have been shattered and falsehoods have been said.
Thousands of people are lined up spine to spine on the path to truth.
The flower spike will continue to run without halting.
Anger, hypocrisy, bitterness, conflict, and backbiting are all examples of torment.”””

“””deceitfulness, hatred, injustice, deceit, Ravana’s family.
Eternal consciousness Ram, Ram eternal truths.
Ravana revenge — disorder, Ravana’s malfeasance.
Dshann present, i.e. corruption.
Dussehra now on, we annihilate it.”””

“””Dussehra Ek Ummeed Jagata Hai,

Buraai Ke Ant Ki Yaad Dilata Hai,

Jo Chalta Hai Satya Ki Raah Par,

Wo Vijay Ka Prateek Ban Jata Hai.”””

Happy Dussehra Poem In Hindi

Technology has advanced significantly in recent years, particularly digital technology.

This has allowed us to express our feelings and emotions to others. Any holiday cannot be enjoyed in isolation; the purpose of the event is to bring people together to share happiness and joy.

Happy Dussehra Poem In Hindi, Shayari and poetry are means for individuals to communicate their feelings and joy to one another.

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Sharing Happy Dussehra Poem 2021 is a great way to convey your feelings about the occasion with your friends and family.

You can’t possible contact or message everyone, but you can easily reach a bigger number of people in less time by posting poetry and Shayari about holidays in your status.

You wish them in a way during the festivities. You have the option of sending poetry and Shayari to certain persons.

Before we say good bye and finish our Happy Dussehra Poem In English and Hindi we have some more dussehra articles curated for you if you are a working professional.

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So guys if you like these Dussehra poems then share with everyone and drop your Poems in comment box to help us grow this article.

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Hey there i am a Blogger as well as freelance. Check my Blog at https://primeprefer.com/

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Hey there i am a Blogger as well as freelance. Check my Blog at https://primeprefer.com/