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On this Independence day if you are also looking for Happy Independence Day Poem in English then you are in right place.

Read and share these patriotic Indian Independence Day Poems in English.

Patriotic Poems are the best way to express our feelings and love for the country, so now we’ve collected some Happy Independence Day Poetry in English in this article. Independence Day commemorates India’s independence from British rule in 1947.

On this Independence Day, we reflect on the years gone by.
We commemorate this day because our flag,

in all its grandeur, has endured.

On this day two centuries ago,

we declared our independence in the pursuit of justice and liberty.
Let us rejoice with enthusiasm and sincerity.
Happy Independence Day!!!

Independence Day Poem in English

Have you ever wondered what feelings inspired our country’s freedom fighters to lay down their lives so that future generations could live and breathe in a free and united country?

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Legendary Indian poets, whose words spurred India’s young guns to revolt and fight for a better tomorrow, finest depict this nationalistic fervour.

“Is there anything you require that my hands refuse to provide,
rich presents of raiment, grain, or gold?”
Oh, my goodness! I’ve travelled to both the East and the West.

My breasts have been ripped open, revealing priceless jewels.

And gave birth to the boys of my afflicted womb

To the beat of duty’s drums, the sabres of doom…..”

India’s Blessing Happy Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day Poem in English

Happy Independence Day Poem In English has very much meaning. Read all these Happy Independence Day PoemIn English and you will learn many things about nation and society.

Students looking for 10 lines on Independence Day.

The 15th of August is India’s day of rebirth. As a result, it is observed as a national holiday throughout India. Here you will find Indian Independence Day Patriotic Poems, Inspirational 15 August Poems, I Love My India Poetry, Short Independence Day Poems for Kids & Children, and more.

Whenever the children see a flag in their hands, they cry.
They move in a very disciplined manner, all in a row.

Heartfelt patriotism
They’re moving really quickly.
Green, white, and Safran
The colors have a lot of meaning.
The wheel advises, “Be active.”
Feel proud for thy country.
May our flag fly high, for it is the most valuable.


When we came to conclude the Happy Independence Day Poem in English we understood that Independence day is not just a day it means more to everyone.

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Then you’re probably looking for an English poem about independence day to teach your students or nursery children.

Then, prepare and use this English poetry for Independence Day. You’re going to appreciate this collection of Happy Independence Day Poem in English.

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Bande Mataram

So in this article, we’ve compiled some Happy Independence Day Poetry in English, Independence day is celebrated to commemorate the freedom of India from British rule in 1947.

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Hey there i am a Blogger as well as freelance. Check my Blog at

Hey there i am a Blogger as well as freelance. Check my Blog at